Bay of Islands (and all of Northland) 

The region of Northland New Zealand covers the whole big area north of Auckland. It starts in Warkworth and reaches all the way up to famous Cape Reinga.

  • Bay of Island is only a small part of Northland

Bay of Islands is the most famous area of Northland. Often, people don’t realise that it’s really only quite a small area. It became the tourist capital of Northland thanks to the many tours and things to do in Bay of Island. From here, you can also join a tour up to Cape Reinga and 90 Mile Beach so you don’t have to drive the whole distance yourself.

  • Waitangi is the birthplace of modern New Zealand

It was here where in 1840 the Treaty of Waitangi was signed between the Maori and the Crown and modern New Zealand was born. Today, you can follow the traces of history on the Waitangi Treaty Grounds and get a glimpse into a not too long ago past.

  • Northland New Zealand has the most native Kauri trees

Once upon a time, the New Zealand North Island was covered with Kauri trees. Because of its strong wood, the majestic trees have been logged to build houses. Northland still has the most trees and the largest known tree, Tane Mahuta (meaning “Lord of the Forest”), can be visited on Northland’s West Coast.

Things to do in Bay Of Islands:

Things to do in Bay of Islands (and Northland)


Other Northland & Bay of Islands attractions

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