Let Me Help You Plan Your New Zealand Holiday…

I know there is just SO MUCH cool stuff to do in New Zealand, how are you ever going to fit everything into your itinerary?! Where should you go, and how long would you want to stay in each place?
And what’s the best way for you to travel, by car, motorhome, bus or tour?

Planning your New Zealand trip can be overwhelming. Let me help you with tips and ideas.

Just send me a message with the following information (or more, if you already know):

  • How much time do you have?

  • North Island, South Island or both?

  • Do you know how you’d like to travel or need suggestions?

  • What you would like to do (eg. outdoor sports, adventure, relaxation)

  • Budget

Why take my help?

I love exploring! I go exploring our own backyard that is New Zealand as often as we can and love to share my finds and hidden places with you.

Also, I’ve worked in tourism for almost two decades and know how to tailor your perfect itinerary. Try me ;-)

Where am I different to others?

As I said above, I used to be a travel agent for many years. I take pride in always having tried to find exactly what the client wanted and never chased after commissions.

It’s all about you! I know to create you an itinerary you will love! Just because I do or don’t like something doesn’t mean you necessary will, either.

I know what to do in New Zealand, through travelling around, work and living here. I have pretty much seen every corner of this beautiful country and the few things I haven’t seen yet are on my bucket list.

I love New Zealand! The nature, the people, the outdoor life, all of it! I fell in love with the country back in 2009/10 and came back to live here 2017!

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