I can be hired!

Immigration New Zealand made me a nice little Christmas present when they (finally) approved my partner based work visa! Which means, I am now officially allowed to work in New Zealand, wooohoo!!!

So yeah, since I do have my own website, I thought I might as well use it to tell you all the reasons for which jobs and why you should work with me :-) 

I can be hired - What can I do for you?

Hi there, maybe-future-employer, it's nice to meet you!

I’m Alex and I’ve moved to Auckland in August 2017 to live with Kiwi partner, Chris. From here, we are exploring this beautiful country they call Aotearoa as often as we can. Which is not only for recreation and personal fun (even though of course it also is!), but at the same time to get to know New Zealand even better and to be able to meet and exceed the expectation clients have about their Kiwi holiday.

When it comes to tourism, there is hardly anything I haven’t done before. I guess that a lot of experience comes naturally when you’ve been working in the same industry for over 17 years.

If you need someone…

… to create personal itineraries for your clients
… to make reservations and bookings
… to work at the front and make your clients happy
… who knows how to purchase and calculate
...  who has experience in product management
… who knows her way around Social Media
… to develop and implement online marketing campaigns and activities
… to update the content on your website
… with an extensive knowledge about travelling in New Zealand
… and 24 other countries all over the world
… to help you out during travel trade shows (local or the big ones like ITB Berlin)
… to help your clients taking over or returning their campervan / car
… who is known for outstanding customer service
… who is experienced with Galileo and Sabre and all thos ever differing in-house booking systems
… who speaks German as mother language, English fluently and good French

… then send me a message, because I just seem to be the woman you need!

Please have a look at my LinkedIn profile to see which companies I have been working for and what my roles were exactly.

Good to know:

  • I’m looking for any type of contract, be it fixed-term contracts, temporary work, or, if the right role comes along, a permanent job.
  • I’m living in Auckland, and since I’m not on a working holiday visa, will not be able to move somewhere else (I might consider it, however, if it’s only for a week or two)
  • My work visa would last to December 2018, but I can and will apply for permanent residency from August 2018!
  • I’m open to work at your office or from home, whichever is more convenient for you
  • I have worked and travelled in New Zealand before, from 2009 – 2010, where I have explored almost all of the North and the South Island
  • All posts on my website so far have been from trips Chris and I did since arriving in Auckland in August 2017
  • I have (Swiss) diplomas in both marketing and sales

About me:

  • Travelling has always been my passion. I guess it is in my genes
  • I love taking pictures of landscapes. Portraits, on the other hand, are not my strong suit
  • In my free time, you can often find me in the great outdoors of New Zealand, exploring either by foot, on a bike or by kayak
  • I am a libra, which means I’m very balanced and rational. And while I don’t believe in horoscopes, those ones are actually true
  • I love to meet new people and experience new things
  • I love to learn new stuff. For example, I had no idea about building my own website until I tried (I don’t about you, but I do like my site)

If I sound like someone who could fill a hole in your company, shout me a message, a comment below or on Instagram, Facebook or just give me a call.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


e-mail:            alediethelm@hotmail.com
phone :           022 042 1566
skype :            alexandradiethelm
LinkedIn :       linkedin.com/in/Alexandra-diethelm
Instagram:      instagram.com/discover_aotearoa
Facebook:      facebook.com/discoveraotearoa